Syd Field - “the guru of all screenwriters” (CNN)


Syd Field ScreenplayOn May 3. 1979
Screenplay – The Foundations of Screenwriting became an instantaneous bestseller!
The seminal work continues to inspire and
support Storytellers worldwide!



Watch the 5-part ScreenPlay Interview Series with Syd Field with acclaimed Hollywood screenwriters.


Syd FieldSyd was deeply enthusiastic about storytelling, movies and teaching.  While a writer’s inspiration may come from the heart, Syd wanted the world to know that the craft of screenwriting could be learned. Writer/Director Judd Apatow said, “Syd Field wrote screenwriting books which did exactly what they were supposed to do – they made screenwriting seem possible.”

Syd’s love of film, his masterful understanding of storytelling, and his skillful expression of his ground-breaking paradigm for screenplay structure, has benefited writers, directors, studio executives, independent filmmakers, and ultimately the global audience. Mentoring writers delighted and excited Syd, who recorded and filmed a number of webinars and classes, many of which are yet to be released.

Aviva Field, Syd’s wife, as well as his long-time protégés and contributors to this website, are devoted to honoring his mission. This site is imbued with Syd’s heart and spirit, embodied here as an internet resource for screenwriters and storytellers. We are committed to bringing projects to fruition that were started by Syd.  A documentary about the impact of his teachings around the world will be produced by Aviva.

It is our fervent desire to sustain Syd’s legacy; to ensure that his method stays true in its intention, continuing to motivate and empower the creation of compelling screenplays by new and seasoned writers for generations to come.

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"I've gone from reading his books, to being taught by him in courses! I think one of us must have done something right! I thank him all the time for inspiring me."


Four Screenplays by Syd Field
Selling a Screenplay by Syd Field
The Definitive Guide To Screenwriting

Contributed Posts and Articles

Finding the Character’s Dramatic Need
By Natalia Lazarus

CEO, Founder, L.A. Performing Arts Conservatory,

Being an actress first, when I began to study screenwriting with Syd Field, one of the major principles that he taught me: Dramatic Need – really struck a chord with me. Below is a discussion of how now, years later, I teach dramatic need to actors, writers, and directors.

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The Paradigm In Singapore by Shari Goodhartz

To my astonishment, the first three months of 2017 found me in cosmopolitan Singapore. Employed as the Project Director of a professional training program entitled WritersLab, I was there to help evolve the quality of television writing for the local market, and hopefully, make it more competitive across Southeast Asia. It was a ten-week, TV pressure cooker that leveraged pretty much every skill I’ve acquired over thirty-five years in the entertainment industry.

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Why Screenplay Is On My Bookshelf
by Jim Hillin

Why Screenplay Is On My Bookshelf

By Jim Hillin

1987.  I was beginning to realize my chosen profession of being a visual effects artist was a little dubious. Several companies around the world had shut down in bankruptcy that Fall and I thought, “Maybe I should have a backup profession.” I went to my local bookstore and inquired about books that discussed writing for film.

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Screenplay Interview Series


Valerie Woods

Valerie Woods


Ms. Woods began writing when, as a struggling actress in New York, she couldn’t find suitable audition material for women of color. This led her to write a book of audition monologues, Something for Everyone (50 Original Monologues). The book was initially self-published and is now published by renowned theatrical play publisher, Samuel French, Inc.

Sharon Buckingham

Sharon Buckingham


Sharon Buckingham is a well-known screenwriter and producer with both television and feature credits. She teaches the Syd Field screenwriting method® and acts as a script editor and consultant.

Natalia Lazarus

Natalia Lazarus


Artistic Director, Natalia Lazarus is at the helm of The Promenade Playhouse and it’s subsidiaries: Promenade Conservatory, now LA Performing Arts Conservatory, a degree granting University. 3rd Street Comedy, The Promenade Players Theatre Company, and the Creative Keys to Success Series, the Acting, Writing, Directing and Personal Growth technique that she created and developed.

Jim Hillin

Jim Hillin


Jim came to Los Angeles in 1979 as an artist, animator and musician. He began his career in computer graphics at a small start-up company in 1985 in Pasadena, CA, while simultaneously attending The Art Center College of Design. He worked hard, learning the engineering side of the craft over the next several years while garnering his first television, location-based entertainment and feature film credits in the 1980s. In 1987, after helping a friend writing the ending of her film, he started writing his first screenplay.

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