A Note from Aviva Field

Dear Reader:

In 2013, in the wake of Syd’s passing, I was honored and moved by the love and appreciation expressed by his friends, students, colleagues and movie enthusiasts from around the world.

Syd possessed an enormous passion for the art of visual storytelling and teaching. While the inspiration to write may come from the heart, Syd wanted everyone to know screenwriting was a craft that could be learned. As Writer/Director Judd Apatow said, “Syd Field wrote screenwriting books which did exactly what they were supposed to do – they made screenwriting seem possible.”

Due to Syd’s adoration of film, and his masterful understanding of screenwriting techniques and storytelling, generations of writers, directors and filmmakers have acquired world-class skills. Ultimately, the global audience has greatly benefited.

Syd relished mentoring writers in his method, and it is my sincere desire that my late husband’s legacy lives on for new, and seasoned, writers. I encourage you to continue to check this website, follow Facebook’s Syd Field – The AVS page, and our Instagram feed. Please React, Like, Comment and Share our posts. Your ongoing engagement adds value to our brand and helps grow awareness of Syd’s teachings.

May your stories become clear in your mind and your characters speak to you vividly. And, as Syd always said, “Good writing.”

With gratitude,
Aviva Field