In association with the legendary Syd Field estate, Story Expo is proud to present the world exclusive presentation of Syd Field’s class shot live in Tel Aviv. This 75-minute film will be shown on the big screen in the Story Expo Theatre on Friday, September 5, 2014 from 8:00pm – 9:30pm.

Syd Field was the “big bang” to the storytelling and screenwriting world. His passing on November 17, 2013 shook the screenwriting and filmmaking world with The New York Times declaring him to be “The author of the definitive book on writing screenplays.” The Los Angeles Times and CNN called him “The guru of all screenwriters,” while LA Weekly declared Syd to be the “Aristotle of Hollywood.” Syd’s contribution to the art and craft of screenwriting were praised by Hollywood heavyweights like Judd Apatow (who often talks about having to “Syd Field it” when refining his screenplays), Tina Fey, James L. Brooks and many others. However, most telling were the expressions and outpouring of love and respect from writers and students around the world who were inspired by Syd to “just write.” He was the first person to present screenwriting as a craft that could be learned. Syd was known and loved for his teaching style that instilled people with the  joy of writing. As Alfonso Cuaron (Gravity, Y Tu Mama Tambien), a former student, said: “For a writer, the most important thing is to put things on paper. [Syd] helped you put things on paper.”

Syd was a dear and close friend with all of us at Story Expo, and we are honored to present the legend on the big screen in the Story Expo Theatre, doing what he did the best and loved the most: Teaching.

Please join me at the Story Expo on September 5th for this exclusive presentation where I also will announce the plans for the Syd Field Academy of Screenwriting and present the Faculty.

Aviva Field

Executive Director
Syd Field Screenwriting Academy
Beverly Hills, California

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“The first prophet of writing for the screen” – Los Angeles Times Magazine