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“Syd Field, the man Hollywood Reporter called “the most sought-after screenwriting teacher in the world,” has updated his must-have classic, Screenplay, with all new material. Screenplay is “quite simply the only manual to be taken seriously by aspiring screenwriters.”

— Tony Bill, Academy Award-winning producer, director

“The Bible of the Film Industry.” –CNN

EXCERPT — “In the beginning…”

“The book says that we may be through with the past,
but the past may not be through with us.”
— Magnolia, Paul Thomas Anderson

In 1979, when I first wrote Screenplay: The Foundations of Screenwriting, there were only a few books on the market that dealt with the art and craft of screenwriting. The most popular was Lagos Egri’s The Art of Dramatic Writing, first published in the 1940’s. Though it was not really a book about screenwriting, but playwriting, the principles laid out were precise and clear. At that time, there was no real distinction between the craft of writing for the stage and writing for the screen. The few other books that were on the market were either about writing for television or playwriting.

Screenplay changed all that. It laid out the principles of dramatic structure to establish the foundations of screenwriting. It was also the first book using well-known and popular movies of the time to illustrate the craft of writing for the screen. And, as we all know, screenwriting is a craft that occasionally rises to the level of art.