Syd Field’s Check Points For Writing A Better Screenplay

Check to:

1. Make sure your characters and story are set up within the first ten pages. Did you introduce your main character(s), establish the dramatic premise, and indicate the dramatic situation, the circumstances surrounding the main character?

2. Check your structure and see whether it’s dramatically effective in holding your story line together.

3. Take another look to see if your dialogue is too explanatory, or too wordy. Do your characters need to explain everything to keep the story moving forward?

4. Remember – all drama is conflict. See whether your character’s dramatic need drives the action forward; Film is behavior; either the character drives the action, or the action drives the character. Check it out!

5. As a final tip: make sure your script is formatted properly: (Final Draft is the only way to go) Do a spell check, and check your page numbers; a minor detail to be sure, but very important nevertheless.

Good luck!