Syd Field Birthday Tribute 2021


December 2021 marked the 86th anniversary of the birth of world-renowned screenwriting
teacher, Syd Field (sadly, he passed in 2013). Besides coining the term “Plot Points,” Field
analyzed thousand of films and screenplays to develop a story-structure Paradigm that’s
become THE industry standard across the Globe.

His first screenwriting guide, “Screenplay: The Foundations of Screenwriting” became an
instant best-seller and made the craft of writing a film or TV script accessible to anyone who
invests the time and effort into practicing Field’s technique.

Across the years, tens of thousands of people have either taken classes or workshops in-person
with Syd…with many more buying at least one of his seven, published books.
Field’s last project, his “Screenwriting-on-the-Go” digital program “Script Launcher,” was
released— and has been updated — as the “Syd Field Scriptor Screenplay Development Workshop”
available at the App Store and Google Play.

We’re so blessed by the legacy of this brilliant man and teacher!