Why Screenplay Is On My Bookshelf
by Jim Hillin

Why Screenplay Is On My Bookshelf

By Jim Hillin

1987.  I was beginning to realize my chosen profession of being a visual effects artist was a little dubious. Several companies around the world had shut down in bankruptcy that Fall and I thought, “Maybe I should have a backup profession.” I went to my local bookstore and inquired about books that discussed writing for film.

Directed to the movie section, I looked it over. This one guy’s name, Syd Field, kept coming up. He had a few books on the shelves and I looked through them. In particular, his second book “The Screenwriter’s Workbook” laid out some straightforward how-tos that I wanted.

I bought the second and his first book Screenplay.” After all, you can’t start without the beginning. Those first words would start dozens of screenplays for film, TV, animation and now, comics and VR projects to be picked out from my fingertips.

With Screenplay on my bookshelf and Syd in my ear, I began my never ending quest to discover character’s voices that lead me to their story.

Thanks, Syd, for what you taught; it keeps me thinking.