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"Getting Started" Online CourseSyd Field was regarded by entertainment professionals as the foremost authority on the craft of screenwriting. For almost 30 years he taught and guided thousands of professional screenwriters, many of whom have gone on to become the biggest names in Hollywood. Here, in his curated online course, he brings his expertise to the writer just beginning their screenplay.

“Getting Started” is a self-motivated, five-week course, dedicated to helping you design and initiate your own personal screenwriting journey. It’s available anytime you want to start writing your screenplay, anywhere you are in the world.

Through its weekly, downloadable MP3 audio lessons (compatible with all portable audio players, including iPod), “Getting Started” takes you through the screenwriting process from the inception of your idea through writing a four-page treatment.

“Live your dream: Write your screenplay!”

You can listen to each lecture during the five-week course as often as you wish.  After you’ve completed the course and have finished the four-page treatment, you will email it to a Syd Field Faculty Master-Teacher of your choice for individual feedback.

“Remember, writing is a personal responsibility:
Either you do it or you don’t.”

The course is self-paced and ongoing, enroll today to start your adventure.

Subjects to be covered:

Week I – Designing The Idea
Week II – Nature of Dramatic Structure
Week III – Creating Characters – Part 1
Week IV – Creating Characters – Part 2
Week V – Four-Page Treatment

Tuition – $225.00

[box type=”info”]Syd Field’s courses – on audio, video and webinar – will be made available soon. Please check back for an announcement.[/box]