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Syd Field’s Check Points For Writing A Better Screenplay

Check to: Make sure your characters and story are set up within the first ten pages. Did you introduce your main character(s), establish the dramatic premise, and indicate the dramatic situation, the circumstances surrounding the main character? Check your structure and see whether it’s dramatically effective in holding your story line together. Take another look […]

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The Screenwriter


A few weeks ago, during one of my screenwriting workshops, a student turned in pages from her screenplay with a worried and concerned expression on her face. I didn’t say anything. I simply took the pages and read them. The scene she had written took place at the beginning of the second act, as the […]

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Listen to “The Paradigm: A Brief Introduction” “Screenplays are structure.” — William Goldman Dramatic structure is the foundation of screenwriting. The word itself means “to build, or put together,” and understanding how it works is essential to the craft of screenwriting. Simply put, structure holds the story together; there is a beginning, middle and end, […]

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